“You need to write a business plan” is a common refrain heard by anyone planning to the public. But, unless your business is that of writing a business plan, how can you know how to write one?

Of course there are a plethora people who. Before you do that, however, think about using some free resources that are available out there. One of them is provided by the US Small Business Administration at

writing a business plan assist you in preparing and offering document, such as a Regulation A Offering Circular or S-1 Prospectus, but also gives you the opportunity to think about your business and  your strategy for growth. Even if you are not a Hemingway, the process of thinking through your business plan will pay men’s dividends. If you decide to hire an attorney to help you in doing an IPO or a reverse merger, having a great business plan will save you significant time and money.

Part of the exercise of preparing a business plan, as well, is per is to project your financial requirements, there is a balance between raising too much money, and giving up too much of your company, and not raising enough, and falling short at a critical time.

If you are thinking a raising money, and haven’t completed the business plan, you need to get that done before anything else.

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