US Corporation with SEC Filing

Setting up in the United States and get ready for Investors.

If you plan to set up your company or want to move your recent company into an US entity, to be able to raise investor funds, we offer a great „Ready to Go“ solution.

In the first step we set up your US Company, with the second step we prepare all necessary documents and file your Reg D with the SEC.

This process enables you to take investors money and ist he first step to the IPO in the US, which we can deliver as well.

This package includes:

Company Formation

  • Name research
  • Incorporate your company in 50 States
  • Bank account
  • Office services
  • Annual filings
  • Full Corporation Kit including all Company documents
  • EIN Tax number

Regulation D offering

  • Pre-Offering Transaction Structure and Offering Preparation Consulting
  • Presentation Grade™ Private Placement Memorandum and Offering Document Preparation
  • Federal and State Securities Filing Compliance Guidance
  • Offering Execution Support Through Close of Offering
  • Timelines: In most cases the complete filing process will take 7-14 days, although our service providers are very efficient and we are confident that we could have the filing completed within 8-10 days.

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