Want To Set Up Your Business In Dubai Or Ras Al Khaimah?

The United Arab Emirates are developing into the new favorite jurisdiction for international entrepreneurs. The freezones of the UAE offer limited regulations, easy access to the international labor market and a location on the major trade route between east and west. Furthermore, it has a favorable time zone and Zero % Taxes!

Earlybirds Advisors is working in cooperation with one of the most trustful agencies for the incorporation of UAE based companies and can assist you to set up your UAE company.

Ras al Khaimah Offshore Company

RAK Free Trade Zone and RAKIA offer an International Business Company (IBC) regime, better known as the RAK Offshore Company. The RAK Offshore Company is ideal for any type of business that does not require a local office, including passive investment activity. Example activities are:

  • Holding shares in international, local or free zone companies
  • E-commerce
  • Trading activities outside the UAE
  • Holding intellectual property
  • Much more

RAK IBCs have the following features:

  • No requirement for the owner or manager to visit the UAE in person
  • No requirement to deposit capital in a bank account
  • No public record
  • No audit requirement or requirement to submit financial statements

UAE Free Zone companies (FZE & FZC)

If you are considering physically moving (part of) your business to the UAE, a Free Zone company is the obvious choice. You will have a local presence and do business in the heart of Dubai. You can rent an office space and obtain visas for you and your staff easily.

The main advantages of setting up in one of the free zones in the UAE are:

  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed
  • Renting of offices and flexi desks
  • Obtaining residence visas
  • No tax
  • Easy to hire the staff you need
  • Guarantee for 15-50 years against the future imposition of corporation tax
  • Import duty free (duty is 5% on most goods), if the goods are not supplied to the local market

The free zones each have their own free zone authority. These are profit making entities; their main source of income is often derived from renting office space, collecting license fees, and providing services to the companies operating in the free zone. All share the features outlined above but differ along the following lines:

  • Focus of the free zone; often attracting businesses from a particular sector although there is considerable flexibility;
  • Office rent; rents outside Dubai are significantly lower;
  • Minimum office space required;
  • Support facilities provided by the free zone;
  • Annual license fees;
  • Paperwork involved in forming the business;
  • Capital requirement;
  • Number of visas allocated per square meter office space.

Stock Market IPO in cooperation with a professional agency can also assist you to open bank accounts, trading accounts, Visa and Debit cards, rent offices and many more.

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