Why List on the CSE?

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) is an exchange designed specifically to meet the needs of public companies and investors.  Listing on the CSE comes with the possibility to dual list on the Frankfurt Exchange in Germany. The benefits to listing on the CSE include:

  • Cost Effectiveness including flat monthly fees
  • Enhanced Disclosure
  • Streamlined Regulatory System ensures there is never any waiting for transaction approvals or reviews.
  • Central Auction Market which is a stock exchange trading system that provides a continuous auction in securities of its listed companies.
  • Approved Market Maker Program, in addition to the central auction market, CSE provides enhanced trading liquidity provided by a Market Maker Program.
  • CSE’s Enhanced Disclosure enables companies to provide information to investors quickly and easily.
  • The CSE is also a Designated Stock Exchangeunder the Income Tax Act, which permits all securities listed on CSE to automatically be eligible for Registered Retirement Savings Plans and Tax-Free Savings Accounts.
  • Competitive Fees for Issuers.
  • No mandatory sponsorship requirements to obtain a listing.
  • An automated, regulated and transparent market.
  • Visibility for listed companies, CSE listed companies can quickly, securely and cost-effectively provide investors with all required disclosure documentation.
  • Market depth (displays by order and by price), largest increases/decreases, top ten issues, market summaries of daily, weekly, and monthly CSE trading activity.
  • Liquidity provided with CSE with an automated exchange that allows immediate execution.

Timelines: In most cases the complete listing process will take 90-120 days, although our service providers are very efficient and we are confident that we could have the listing completed within 60-90 days.

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