We buy all your worthless and non trading Stock or swap it!

If you own shares that still technically are trading but nobody’s buying them, or the shares are delisted, we take them off your hands so you can deduct the loss.

We don`t charge fees for that, no, we pay you for your stock or will be able to offer you a swap against shares from potentional IPO companies.

Thousands of companies are listed on the exchanges, but there is still no volume and the stock price is so low, that you won`t even have a chance to sell it into the market.

Even if you own stock in certificate form, from companies which have never done their IPO, was suspended or delisted, we will buy this stock.

Your advantages:

  • We charge no fees
  • We pay you for your stock and calculate a fair rate
  • Save brokerage expenses
  • Write off the loss

How it works:

  • Send us your inquiry with Ticker Symboly, ISIN, Cusip, Company Name, Amount of Shares and the average amount you paid for this shares
  • We do a research on this companies and the stock, history, background and upcoming events
  • We work out a detailed offer for your shares and the opportunities for a purchase or swap
  • If you agree, we sign an agreement and confirmation
  • We pay you for your shares, or do a swap, you transfer the shares to our account

Why we do that:

Over the past year we realized, that many shareholders were left back with the shares and the public companies don`t help them out in any way. Especially on the OTC Markets, the Canadian Stock Exchange, Frankfurt and the GXG UK, which closed in 2015, there are many public companies which are no more trading and the stock price is down to triple zero, so that there is no way to sell it over the market.

When we buy such “worthless“ shares, then our mission is starting. We do a research on each company, the trading history and try to find out why this company’s share value ended up worthless. The next step is to contact the management to find out if there is any way to liquidate worth in the company. Or if we own enough shares of a company, we try to overtake it, clean it up and use the public company for new projects.

Through our global network we work with many Start Up`s or companies which are already public, who wants to grow their shareholder base. In this regard we always have shares of the company available and will be able to swap your worthless stock against a new company’s shares.

Please send us your detailed inquiry and we will submit you your offer within 3 business days.

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