To know what a company is doing or what for a service they are offering is always the most important thing for a client or customer. In this section we don`t want to tell you how great our company is, you have to make the experience with us, and then you know how great we work.

Stock Market IPO is a consultancy agency which assist you in the main important parts of your business.

Our goal is to open the door for you to the all of the stock market places.

Through the global network from Stock Market IPO we connect you to the world. Every member of the company and partners we work with have more than 15 years experiences in the business fields we consult you in.

On the market there are many companies out there who want to offer their services and want to make profit. Before we make you an offer, we listen to you to understand what you really need. And then we can talk about the right and perfect way for your business. Our first goal is not to make profit, we want to make something successful, and the consequence from success is the profit.

A few services we offer:

  • Finance Solutions
  • Investment / Partnership
  • IR & PR Service
  • Share purchase / Share Swaps
  • Marketing & SEO Service
  • USA Company formation
  • Public listed companies purchase / sell


You have an idea but no masterplan or experience to make it successfully?

We can help you!

You are welcome to show us your idea. We help you to establish the right business concept and to create a professional business plan. Good planning is the most important cornerstone in the implementation of your idea.

We advise you among others in the following steps:

  • Conception of your idea
  • Creating a professional business plan
  • Capitalization of your idea
  • Headhunting (we find the right staff for your business)
  • Planning and implementation of all important steps before starting operations
  • Start of your business

We are looking forward to discuss the solution for you and your business.

We do not offer legal or tax services. But we work with lawyers and CPA`s worldwide, so if you choose a service with us we can give you the right professional you need.

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