Technology Superstar Gains Major Market Share in Green Industry

With the renewed focus on the ‘green’ industry, it is time to join the market shift from individual component based companies to all-in-one entities.

Seeing who will dominate this sector with turnkey solutions continues to attract a growing number of major investment and hedge funds among Wall Street as well as Main Street.

Buying in to Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Facebook & Google at an early stage produced multiple million dollar portfolio swings.

Imagine if you had invested $1,000 in Tesla at the IPO price of $17/sh. It is currently trading around $1,000/sh, over 100 times your money (split adjusted). What about Apple ? With an IPO price of $22/sh, an investment of $1,000 would have seen returns well over $2 million.


The Biden $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Allocates $20 Billion to the Green industry

A small company has taken on the giants of Silicon Valley and is forging ahead on a path to surpass $100 million revenue mark this year and join the technology portfolio listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

Surpassing the 100 TWh of generated power, the US Solar industry is making massive inroads acrossall 50 states Wikipedia.

That’s right! We are talking about Solar power and the disruptive move we are seeing it make in the energy industry.

The time for Solar has arrived. Why?

– Massive drop in production costs
– Jumps in efficiency in the double digits
– Installation costs that bring quicker ROI’s
– Financially within the reach of Main Street
– Streamlined rooftop installations

The combination of various industry segments has put this company ahead of many competitors by being a single-source solar power and roofing systems installation company.

The CEO has continued to push the company forward at an amazing rate, acquiring multiple companies along the way, further strengthening their bottom line.


This chart shows the initial run this company had, over 1000% gains happened over a few weeks. Could we be at the cusp of another such move? Only time will tell, but the latest news and financials are a strong indicator it may be sooner than expected!

Combined together, the time has come for a move to the OTCQB with audits completed, and their eyes set on a NASDAQ up-listing to follow.

Mr. David Massey, CEO, was recently interviewed at the NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square and Troy Clymer, COO, discussed the latest corporate developments with Donald Baillargeon from MoneyTV .

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