The filing oft he Regulation D with the SEC is the first step to enable you to raise funds for your US company. In the case if you don`t own a US entity, we can incorporate your US Corporation before we prepare your Reg D filing.

Any company or entrepreneur that is seeking to raise equity or debt capital from investors properly and legally. Even if you plan on only having one or two investors in your transaction you need to provide the transaction framework, related disclosure documentation and investment agreements necessary for raising capital. A Regulation D Offering provides the proper transaction structure and documentation for raising debt or equity capital from investors. Trying to raise private capital of any amount without these fundamentals in place is almost impossible.

Most companies use the programs to raise from $25,000 to $50,000,000 in capital. Regulation D Offerings have been used for a wide variety of transaction and industry types: corporate seed capital, corporate expansion capital, film production capital, real estate equity funding (acquisitions, development projects, golf courses, rehab), capitalization for early to pre-IPO stage Internet and technology companies, expansion funding for retail companies, and product development and distribution funding.

Use the menus at the top of this page to find specific information on the available Regulation D Programs, the advantages of a Regulation D Offering, and details on the offering preparation process.

“Regulation D” is a government program created under the Securities Act of 1933, instituted in 1982, that allows companies the ability to raise capital though the sale of equity or debt securities. The programs were designed to provide two main things – the needed “exemption” to sell unregistered securities in a private transaction (something that happens in any transaction involving investors) and the appropriate framework and documentation for doing so properly.

There are several programs that are available under the Regulation D Exemption. Most of our clients typically choose the JOBS Act 506(c) program as it allows general advertising and solicitation of the offering and also benefits from some compliance efficiencies with State “Blue Sky” filings.

Our services are described below in the following five main sections:

  • Pre-Offering Transaction Structure and Offering Preparation Consulting
  • Presentation Grade™ Private Placement Memorandum and Offering Document Preparation
  • Federal and State Securities Filing Compliance Guidance
  • Offering Execution Support Through Close of Offering

Timelines: In most cases the complete filing process will take 7-14 days, although our service providers are very efficient and we are confident that we could have the filing completed within 5-7 days.

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