Listing the company`s stock on the Vienna Stock Exchange:

  • Preparing the listing
  • Finding a market maker
  • Preparing a press release when the listing is successfully completed
  • Write up of all documents needed for the listing

The Vienna Stock Exchange Profile

Founded in 1771, Wiener Börse AG, the company that operates the Vienna Stock Exchange, is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world. Today, it is a modern, customer and market-oriented financial service company that plays a key role in the Austrian capital market. It is its driving force that contributes substantially to its further development.

The Vienna Stock Exchange operates the only securities exchange in Austria as well as the Energy Exchange Austria, EXAA, and the CEGH Gas Exchange of the Vienna Stock Exchange. It provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, market data and information to ensure the smooth and efficient execution of stock exchange transactions and facilitate the interaction among all market participants.

The core business of the exchange is the operation of a cash market (equity market, bond market) as well as a market for trading in structured products. Additional services include data vending, index development and management and specialized financial market seminars and training courses.

Proposal for Vienna Stock Exchange

Stock Market IPO will assist the company in the preparation of documentation for a Secondary Listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange. We have experienced professionals that will complete various tasks associated with the listing including markets makers (designated sponsors), lawyers, share registrars and brokers. Our lawyers will review and prepare all legal required work for the listing and private offerings, in addition we will provide you with experienced service providers for investor relations, investor awareness and investor road shows.

This is a breakdown of the Listing Requirements for the Vienna Stock Exchange:

  1. Company Information
    1. Memorandum & Articles of Association
    2. Incorporation certificate
    3. Directors Registry
    4. List of Major shareholders or names of founding shareholders
    5. Registered Office
    6. Company or Group history
    7. Full details of major shareholders holding above 5% stake in company
    8. If shareholders are legal entities – full set of corporate documents, list of major shareholders, list of directors
    9. Full details of directors including CVs
    10. Reference letter from prominent lawyer or banker vouching for the credibility, character and good-standing of the major shareholders and members of Board of Directors
    11. Full details of senior managers, company officers
    12. Share price reasoning and justification
  1. Business Plan
    1. 2-year prior history for existing companies
    2. 3-year forward looking financial projections for newly setup companies
    3. Reason why company is seeking a listing
    4. Future plans, including acquisitions
    5. Risk analysis and risk warnings
  1. Shareholder registry with full details of shareholder names, Passport or ID numbers, number of shares held, residential address in electronic format in English


In most cases the complete listing process will take 60-90 days, although our service providers are very efficient and we are confident that we could have the listing completed within 30-45 days.

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