An ETI certificate is a stock exchange vehicle which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and can be traded electronically over the exchange.

Especially for the issue of the certificate, a so-called special investment vehicle in Malta will be installed, which is used exclusively to issue the securities, and to manage the collected funds to the CELL (your active company).

The CELL (active operating company) may be located around the world and all legal forms of company are recognized.

The Cell may use the issue of the certificate for various developments in society, construction or extension of an establishment, research, development, introduction of new technologies, expansion into new markets, etc.

The conditions of the certificate can be freely determined, such as Interest payments to investors, lock up period, repurchase of certificates, etc.

On the part of the CELL there is no repayment obligation to the SIV.

If needed, this can be agreed if the company will be able to buy certificates back after a time and is no longer interested to pay the interest rates to certificates owners.

For the issuance of the certificate, a Malta based PLC will be incorporated. This company serves as SIV (Special Investment Vehicle). This Vehicle is authorized and regulated by the MFSA, Malta Financial Services Authority.

Since it is a Vehicle for sophisticated investors in this investment product, no prospectus is required.

Expiration of the issue

  • Payment of the initial fee
  • Written offer is made
  • Issue volume, terms, Terms & Conditions are drafted
  • Conclusion on the issue ETI
  • Provide necessary documents
  • Establishing Malta PLC
  • Listing Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Our Services


  • Advice regarding the founding process
  • Coordination the founding process
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Communication with authorities, regulators and service providers
  • Preparing necessary contracts
  • Establishing the cell
  • Application for ISIN
  • Application for admission to trading at the stock exchange
  • Procuring other services from third parties


Asset Management & Controlling

  • Clarification of any questions that could arise about investment opportunities with the

auditor as well as with the administrator and custodian bank

  • Complaince


Administration and processing

  • Ensuring the correct and periodic calculation of net asset values
  • accounting
  • Issuance and redemption of Exchange Traded Instruments
  • Monitoring complaince with legal provisions
  • Handling payment transactions
  • Central administration and preparation of annual reports
  • Market Making at Deutsche Börse Frankfurt from 9am to 5pm on a business days basis

Timelines: In most cases the complete listing process will take 45-60 days, although our service providers are very efficient and we are confident that we could have the listing completed within 30-45 days.

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