In addition to preparing your financial information, you can go a long way toward organizing your business for going public my comprehensive file system. Some companies prefer to use a cloud-based solution such as Dropbox. Others, not so technologically adept, use of the traditional system of manila folders.

You need to organize your documents under several categories. First, will be your corporate records, such as are articles of incorporation, your bylaws, your minutes, and records of stock issuance. Next would be all of the major contracts of your company, including a lease for your premises, employment contracts, or contracts with major suppliers three third would be your payroll records and employee files. Finally, you need to have a repository of all your financial source documents, such as bank statements, merchant account statements, invoices, organized according to vendor.

As stated before, your account can be critical to help you understand and set this up. As your company grows, of course, competent accounting personnel should take care of this for you.

Maintaining an electronic copy of all these records on the cloud can also make the IPO process much more efficient. Instead of requiring one of your staff to copy all the documents, you can merely share Dropbox link and provide all the documents that are required.

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