If you have not attained that level yet, and you want to go public, this is what you have to do:

  1. Clean up your corporate structure and reincorporate in Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming or another jurisdiction that is friendly to public companies;
  2. Get your company audited by a PCAOB member firm;
  3. Make sure you have 30 or more small shareholders, with no one person having more than 10% of your company (do a friends and family private placement);
  4. File a Registration Statement on Form S-1 with the SEC and get it cleared–you will need a securities lawyer for that and 60-120 days;
  5. Find a market maker who will submit a 15c-211 with FINRA to get you a symbol–count on another 60 days–and you are not allowed to “pay” the market maker outright but rather have a “consulting agreement” for about $20,000 or so.
  6. Find a clearing house which will submit your common stock to the Depository Trust Company so that it can be deposited with brokerage firms. Just follow DTC’s published guidelines.. well, DTC has not published any guidelines. Just submit and hope for the best.

There are other costs here too.. transfer agent, CUSIP.. too many to list. Then, after spending about $50,000 or so (if you watch your costs carefully), plus your audit costs, and the better part of a year, with some luck,and if you find good people to help you who know what they are doing, you will be public. Meanwhile. you cannot devote all the time you want to your business. You are fully reporting which means you have to audit your financial statements. That can be expensive. Overall you can save money doing it this way, again if you have some luck and the right people. You know, some professionals love to tell you all that you cannot do, but not what you CAN do.

At the other extreme, you can buy a fully reporting, trading shell for $300,000 to $400,000, or non-reporting pink sheet for $135,000 or so. You might or might not know who owns the free trading shares and they might be good or bad people. But you will be public in about 30 days. It could be in 3 days if you don’t have to negotiate through layers of finders and consultants.

Our service costs you $45,000. You get a guaranteed clean, no liabilities, trading pink sheet company already cleared with DTC. Pick your name, pick your symbol (subject to availability). We usually have these incorporated in  Nevada but we will move it to wherever you want in the USA. The process takes 45 days. There will be under 50,000 shares outstanding held by the historical shell owners (nearly all restricted) another half a million to be allocated to  you, as well as the shares issued to acquire the private company. 

Then it is up to you. You can file an S-1, Regulation A or A+ or just a Form 10. Your investors will get free trading shares that way. No consultant or finder will have cheap shares to flood your public market. Your destiny will be your own.